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Why You Should Start a Soap Business


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A soap business is literally the most simple, easiest business you could possibly start.

That’s a lie.

A lemonade stand would be a bit easier.

Look, you’ve wanted to start a business for a long time and grow up big and strong.


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So you want to be an entrepreneur…
Start a soap business. ( Or a T-Shirt business )
It’s literally the easiest business to start, period.
It just might be the most basic, non-complex, and ifyoucantfigureouthowtosellsoapyousuck business there is…
Unless you start a service business in which you could literally just walk outside and try to get your first customer, whether it’s a business or a person.
Where Do You Get The Soap?
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“Yeah, but where am I supposed to get the soap to sell???”
Be a gangster and make it yourself.
Actually, don’t do that because it’s fucking stupid.
You need to be selling, not slaving away for hours making it.
You get soap, and any other product for that matter, from manufacturers. So you need to find a manufacturer that makes soap.
Then you buy your soap, your supply, your inventory, from the manufacturer, which is your supplier.
They sell it to you at wholesale cost.
Then you, the retailer, sell it to the public peasants at retail cost, for a profit. More than what you bought the soap for from the manufacturer.
Welcome to retail.
Buying and selling.

Thanks for reading.


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