Negative Effects Of Complaining

negative effects of complaining


Just stop.

But you won’t.

You’ll continue to bitch and moan about everything in your life with everyone in your life.

That’s what people do.

And it’s one of the reasons they never excel past their peers.

I go to coffee shops to work.

A lot, it’s where I spend most of my time.

So I hear a lot of conversations. And they remind me frequently how glad I am that I cut out average people from my life.

Because if I didn’t. I would be just like them, complaining about work, relationships, blah blah blah.

People literally get together, strictly to do nothing but complain.

Again, I don’t blame people for being people. But I do blame them for not recognizing and becoming conscious of the fact that they are doing what everyone else does, and puts a stop to it.

It’s a decision like everything else in life.

Realize that as a human being, you’ll have an urge daily to vent and complain to other people about all this “drama” that’s going on in your surroundings.

Perhaps say to yourself “oh, I’m getting this negative thought in my head to verbally express this negative crap that I just experienced, let’s mention it to someone else and then set up a day and time to meet so we can talk about these negative thoughts with each other and dig a deeper negative grave for ourselves! It’s brilliant! Or… I could just ignore these negative thoughts because they literally don’t mean shit, they are only hurting me, so I won’t even acknowledge them… yeah, that sounds more intelligent”.

Doesn’t that sound a bit better?

I heard a group of doctors bitch and moan about “she said this to Jack” and “he’s an idiot why didn’t he go to Brian first?” and yadda yadda yadda the other day.

Talking shit about other people.

That makes up about 80% of conversations today.

Ironically I’m talking shit about people talking shit… But I do it to make a point. Others don’t.

And I would never have this conversation with another person I was spending time with. Because I understand that it’s a part of life, and it’s pointless to talk about. It’s not just pointless, but it’s toxic. And it’s a big reason why people never achieve anything big.

They get sucked into the negativity and habits of the people around them.

Even cops…

I hear groups of them every day, get together and literally complain for an hour about gossip, drama, and “stupid” things that happened in their day.

People complain and talk shit about other people to feel better about themselves, period.

The only problem with that is, it makes you negative, pessimistic, and prevents success.

If you’re spending time with people who complain, stop.

Think you’ll even be able to? Even for 1 day?

Try it… try not complaining or spending time with anyone complaining.

You might like it.

Until next time.

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