What Business Should I Start? Why You Should Start a Soap Business

what business should i start

So you want to be an entrepreneur…

You see the thousands of entrepreneur quotes on Instagram, the thousands of YouTube videos on “How to make money online with xyz”.

But you’ve never been so confused in your life, god forbid you actually googled “how to start a business” which would make you more confused than ever.

So what should you do?

Start a soap business. ( Or a T-Shirt business )

It’s just about the easiest, most simple business to start, period.

It just might be the most basic, noncomplex, and ifyoucantfigureouthowtosellsoapyousuck business there is…

Right now there are dozens of thoughts popping into your head that will tell you not to start one.

But if you’ve wanted to start a company for a while and are just “stuck”. Then just start with this, you’ll learn more in a week than you ever have before.

Action leads to learning by doing, as you’re getting real-life feedback.

“Yeah, but where am I supposed to get the soap to sell???”

 Actually, don’t do that because you want to be a businessman… not an artist.

Artists starve because they spend all their time creating and never sell their art.

You need to be marketing and selling, not slaving away for hours making products. You pay other people to do that, non-entrepreneurs.

You get soap, and any other product for that matter, from manufacturers. So you need to find a manufacturer that makes soap.

Then you buy your soap, your supply, your inventory, from the manufacturer, which is your supplier.

They sell it to you at wholesale cost.

Then you, the retailer, sell it to the public at retail cost, for a profit. More than what you bought the soap for from the manufacturer. After all business expenses, if you are left with money left over, that’s your net profit. The actual money you get to keep and do whatever you want with.

Welcome to retail.

Buying and selling.

Obviously, there are thousands of other factors, but don’t think about them or even imagine what they could be yet.

Only focus on these steps.

1. Find a supplier for your soap
2. Buy 100 bars or so
3. Sell soap

That’s it.

Now if you can’t get that done and sell a few bars. Then the whole “entrepreneur” thing… probably won’t work out so well for you.

Until next time.


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